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Weddings at St. Andrew's

You've got the ring, you've set the date ...

now what?


Sometimes people are anxious about contacting a church when they decide they wish to be married. Many wonder if they will be judged unfavourably because they are not members of the congregation, or have had no church connection for a long time.

At St. Andrew's we strive to make your re-acquaintance with church a positive one. We are always delighted when couples who marry here choose to make St. Andrew's their church home, but church membership is not a prerequisite of your wedding. We do request that you follow these steps to ensure that your wedding at St. Andrew's is a positive experience for all.


  1. Call the church to book an appointment with the minister to discuss your wedding. Most couples book their weddings one year in advance. We will book your wedding when we receive your deposit. 

  2. We do require you to take a marriage preparation program.  The cost is included in your wedding fees and the course can be taken at a time convenient to you.

  3. When you have completed your marriage preparation program, you will book a second appointment with the minister to review your wedding service and book a time for the rehearsal. Please bring your marriage licence and the balance of your fees to this appointment.

  4. You will also need to book an appointment with St. Andrew's music coordinator to discuss the music for your wedding.  Please note that all music, including accompaniment, is done live. We can arrange for soloists and accompaniment as required, should you so request. 

  5. You may request that the clergy of St. Andrew's perform a wedding at a location other than the church. Such services are performed at the discretion of the minister.

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