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Children's Garden

St. Andrew’s United Church sits on a large area of land about the size of 10 house lots (each lot being about 50’ x 150’). The plant committee (also known as the weeders) often wonders how to make that area of land complement the church and look more inviting.


Our garden areas break up the grassy area very nicely: 


  1. Show Garden along the front of the church, facing west

  2. Way West Garden - a lovely combination of trees, shrubs and perennials

  3. Tulip Patch on the corner

  4. Children's Garden on the south side

  5. Memorial Rose Garden

  6. Hosta Garden

  7. Russian Almond and Angelica Garden by the day care, facing south 

  8. Lilac/Peony/Day Lily Garden facing east 

  9. Edge Garden, facing north around the Westend Day Care play area


The Way West Garden is the most wild and interesting area as Prairie Hares come regularly to nibble the grass and rose berries. Chickadees, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers (Downy and Hairy) fly in looking for insects and seeds. The Merlin, Crows, Blue Jays, Ravens and Magpies also check out the garden. Even the horses from the Candy Cane Event arrive in winter, nibbling grasses that show through the snow. Their manure helps the plants.


Stepping stones wind through the native plant garden in the Way West Garden. The children built their own stepping stones, decorated them and planted them. Have a look – they're awesome. Visit the children’s vegetable garden in summer. Ask our children's program coordinator if any lettuce or tomatoes are ready.


Come inside the church, first into the lobby where a plate of cookies is centre stage on the table, then move into the narthex. We hope you will notice the two large Kentia Palms, the only palm that will tolerate relatively low light, whose native country is the Howe Islands (near Australia) and whose capital city is Kentia.


The two Kentia Palms inside our church are each growing two new fronds! The fronds are used for thatch in their home habitat; fortunately we have a good roof and can enjoy their feather-shaped fronds in front of us. The Palm in the Narthex is about 45 years old. And the Palm in the Chancel under the cross, is in memory of the Pirie Sisters, and is about three years old. 


We welcome volunteers to help look afer the plants inside and out!


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