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Our Music

From St. Andrew's worship services

CD cover artwork by Sarah Hale.

Used with Permission.

Move the Mountain - Cantos de Liberacion
William Ramirez and friends


These songs have all been played and sung in worship at St. Andrew's United Church, Edmonton, but their sources are varied and deep. They come from Latin America - wherever oppression is confronted with human hope. While they come from different places and times, they all speak of the universal quest for human dignity and justice.


William Ramirez has woven the hope of these songs through his own experience as a church musician in El Salvador, California, New York, Toronto and Edmonton to create a sound that truly embraces the diversity of a suffering and beautiful world.

Listen to William being interviewed by St. Andrew's minister, Geoff Wilfong-Pritchard in A Journey Shaped in Song. (June 2016)

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