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Memorial and historical

St. Andrew’s is fortunate indeed to have the members of this committee preserve the important events of the church and its members, creating a visual story of our church since its beginnings over 50 years ago. A great historical and pictorial record has been accomplished for all to see. Periodically a transfer of records is sent to the Provincial Archives to contribute to the history of the province as well. 


The group administers the memorial fund and oversees the care and maintenance of memorial items, preserving them for all to admire and remember. Donations to the fund are used to add much-needed items to the church as needed. A Memorial Garden adjacent to the church is lovingly cared for by the members of this committee as well. 


The committee was formed in 1992 and meets about four times a year, enjoying great fellowship amongst its members. The congregation is appreciative of the ongoing important work of the committee! 


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