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Church Redevelopment



For the last several years, St. Andrew’s United Church has been discerning how best to steward our property. We have consulted with the community, the organizations that call our facility home, and our own congregation. As a result of these consultations we are now issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to determine if we might find a suitable partner to explore the potential for a Community Development Initiative.


We hope this initiative will allow St. Andrew's to remain a vital and welcoming presence in Crestwood and we are committed to consulting with all who have an interest in our neighourhood. For more information email us at andrewsaintnews@gmail.com or call us at 780-452-4454 ext 222.



The following are questions posed by respondents to the current RFI process as of 10 July 2016; responses to these questions are indicated in italics.


  • How advanced is St. Andrew's in its planning with regard to its particular needs and space requirements? Has St. Andrew's already confirmed design and construction arrangements for its new church facility, within the proposed redevelopment?

​No. St. Andrew's has an inventory of congregational priorities for functionality within the new church space, as well as a listing of design/decor priorities as expressed by the congregation. But the congregation would be seeking professional guidance on actual design and costing for the new church facility, as part of the site redevelopment process.


  • Is St. Andrew's open to specific proposals or collaborative planning directions for the un-needed portions of its lands?

Yes. The Long Range Planning Task Group (LRPTG) has intentionally left a broad scope for respondents to indicate how they would like to be involved with the planning and development process. The primary objective would be to ensure the optimal return from the lands, for the benefit of the congregation and its facility redevelopment, within a context of community and municipal regulatory support for any venture.


  • Is St. Andrew's willing to divest ownership of the entire site, for a new development to be set in place, in exchange for a reasonable return on site value?

​Not at this time. The congregation is clear that they want to retain their presence, mission, and identity at the present address within the Crestwood community.


  • Is St. Andrew's open to joint-venture ownership and development of all or a portion of its site?

​Yes. All ownership and business arrangements will also involve approval by Edmonton Presbytery, including any operating or governance structures the Presbytery may wish to deploy to manage the assets, with the concurrence of St. Andrew's Trustees.


  • Has St. Andrew's retained a managing architect or design/construction management firm for this venture?

​Not at this time. The LRPTG is seeking to collaborate with suitable design and construction professionals as circumstances warrant.


  • Does a respondent have to undertake all of the work?

No. Please refer to the introductory letter (email) which was sent to you. St. Andrew's is open to responses from firms who do not wish to undertake all the work, as long as those firms express a clear willingness to work collaboratively with the congregation, its management processes, and with other firms who are involved in the project.


  • What would be the relationship between St. Andrew's and the selected party/parties?  Will St. Andrew's contract with respondents directly?

Ultimately, St. Andrew's and Edmonton Presbytery will approve all contracts for projects on the St. Andrew's site. Firms with development management or project management expertise are free to specify their capability in these areas, and the St. Andrew's LRPTG will review all responses accordingly.